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Nature Nights - Recreation for Everyone

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Recent surveys show that over half of all Americans participate in some form of outdoor recreation. However, despite public lands being for everyone, the demographics of outdoor recreationists do not often reflect the diversity that we see in our country. Join Dr. Ashley D’Antonio as we discuss who is recreating on our public lands, who is missing from these outdoor spaces, and what science can, and can’t, tell us about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in outdoor recreation. The talk will highlight some of the great work being done in the Pacific Northwest, and around the United States, to promote inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors and suggest ways that you can get involved.

About Dr. Ashley D’Antonio

Dr. Ashley D’Antonio is an Assistant Professor of Nature-Based Recreation Management in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State University. She is a recreation ecologist who studies how outdoor recreation impacts the environment and how people are influenced by the environment when they are in the outdoors.

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