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New Year's Eve Bonfire on the Snow

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Adventure: There is no more unique opportunity to ring in the new year than Wanderlust Tours’ Bonfire on the Snow, at midnight, under the light of our solar system’s twinkling lights. Cruising on snowshoes, our destination is a hand-carved amphitheater in the snow where a crackling bonfire awaits.

Join us for a magical meander through the powdery snow-filled forest at night in the Cascade Mountains west of Bend, Oregon.

Naturalist Guided Experience: Plying the snow-laden forest after the fall of darkness, our nose will, in part, lead us to a Michaelangelo-esque creation- an amazing snow built amphitheater. When the whiff of pine hits our nostrils anticipation will grow for a taste of delectable desserts and hot cocoa splashed with hazelnut espresso vodka. Our naturalist guides will point out planets, stars and constellations as we relax in the glow of the fire. A toast of champagne at the stroke of midnight will usher in a refreshed zeal for life. The hushed ambience of the forest will stir your soul. The magic of this wholly unique NYE experience will remain instilled within you forever!

Can’t make it for New Year’s? Our Bonfire Tours are available other evenings throughout the winter!

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