Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder

Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder

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The Oregon Trail was a 2,000 mile adventure, the likes of which are hard to comprehend in modern times. Adventurers packed their worldly possessions into covered wagons, kissed their loved ones goodbye and headed west toward the unknown on a one-way journey.

Not for the faint of heart, adventurers walked for nearly six months from Missouri to their final destination in the Willamette Valley. Along the way they encountered wild and rugged terrain, foul weather, famine, disease and deadly wildlife.

The trail promised a new life and a fresh start for those who made it. The adventurers would know the satisfaction of having the spirit to embark on a journey of a lifetime and the true grit needed to complete it.

Breakaway Promotions is pleased to introduce the inaugural Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder- five days and nearly 400 miles inspired by the spirit of human adventure.

May your explorer spirit prevail and may the journey prove that you can survive anything.

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