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Virtual Green Tour

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Our 20th annual Green Tour… and the first ever virtual! We’re taking advantage of this unique opportunity to connect you with more local experts and residents, and to show you some behind-the-scenes projects. Check out the full schedule of events and sign up today!

Now more than ever, locally and globally, we need enhanced environmental stewardship, affordability, health, comfort, and durability associated with the homes and buildings that we live and work in. In Bend, 57% of our carbon emissions comes for the energy that our buildings consume. If we are going to make an impact, we need bold, collaborative, innovative action starting now.

Join the 20th Annual Green Tour in our first-ever virtual event to have conversations about these important topics and see how local innovators are leading the way. We have a lot to learn but the good news is, that we have experts and enthusiasts right here in our community who are already putting best practice into action.

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