Snowpocalypse 2017 by Vicki Roadman

About the Piece: “Snowpocalypse 2017″ – The year Bend turned into a giant snowball! Living in the high desert, we seldom get a snowfall that is more than a few inches, but every once in a while mother nature cuts loose, and in 2017 we had several feet of snow … Continue reading

The Pack by Megan Marie Myers

About the Piece: The pack incited us to soar with it, among the distant peaks. It was instinct that called for us to go, to joyously run headlong through the snow. “The Pack” is an offering of gratitude to the first exquisite dusting of snow and an acknowledgement of the elegance … Continue reading

Riparian by Sarah Helen More

About the Piece: Riparian was inspired by the vibrant hues of Bend’s sunsets, the meandering calm of the Deschutes River and the energy that emits from the shops and restaurants that line the river along the Old Mill. This piece embodies the natural and man-made synergy between one of the city’s … Continue reading

Community Mural by Base Camp Studio

About the Piece: This painting was created during a First Friday event in Downtown Bend on June 2, 2017. Community members were invited to add their circle to the painting. The circle is a symbol of connection, community, inclusion, oneness, and life. Painters of all ages added their mark, connecting the … Continue reading

Untitled Piece by Sweet Pea Cole

About the Piece: She is proudly awkward, powerfully serene, and fiercely vulnerable. Opening her jacket, she lets loose her innermost ideas and feelings−−sharing them, letting them mingle with the world around her. About the Artist: Sweet Pea Cole is a printmaker and designer whose characters come to her in the early dawn … Continue reading

Untitled Piece by Jason Graham aka MOsley WOtta

About the Piece: This work is an exploration of the four seasons in relation to the four directions in relation to the four core archetypes; Warrior, Teacher, Healer, Visionary. This work focuses on: Winter, Warrior, North, Air, Winged Creatures, Power, Standing, Right Action, Showing Up, Rattle, Dancing, and Death as … Continue reading

Flight One and Flight Two by Nicole Fontana

About the Pieces: “Flight One” and “Flight Two,” are a callback to 1940s Hollywood classic glamour, with an intriguing juxtaposition between pattern and the female figure. Interpret the bird as you may, such as her fleeting thoughts, longing for another life, expressiveness for adventure, or noticing a moment of beauty. … Continue reading

Lookout (with Owl as Witness) by Lloyd McMullen

About the Piece: Rusty saw blades are her eyes. A strange metal piece becomes a beak. Her feet: garden tools. These castoffs of our own domestic activity speak to the tenacious and adaptable nature of the owl depicted in Lookout (with Owl as Witness). Our neighbor owl watches us, as she … Continue reading