Central Oregon Symphony

Central Oregon Symphony is dedicated to enriching lives through dynamic symphonic music. Established in 1967, volunteer musicians devote countless volunteer hours to the task of creating a magical, full season of classical concerts for all in the community to enjoy. Through a generous donor base, Central Oregon Symphony provides unreserved … read more

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Top Five Fall Indoor Activities

Fall in Bend always brings in a large variety of weather patterns. It can go from rain to sun in a matter of 10 minutes, be cold one day and warm the next. Here are some fun indoor activities for those colder, wetter days in the fall. Keep an eye on the different theatre companies for shows, and the Central Oregon Symphony for concerts to enjoy the fine arts that come to Bend. You could always spend an afternoon refreshing your knowledge of Central Oregon at the High Desert Museum. Then of course end or begin your outing by either trying some wines at the Good Drop Wine Shoppe or finding your favorite happy hour in town! Pine tavern is always good but check out our Adventure Blog article Get Happy! for some of the best happy hours.  

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