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Author Event: Mirrors and Closets: The Complex Journey of LGBTQ Twins & Their Siblings

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Roundabout Books
900 NW Mount Washington Dr, #110
Bend, OR 97703


September 30, 2021
6:00 pm
- 7:00 pm

This event will be held in person at Roundabout Books as well as live-streamed on YouTube.

3,025. That was the number of miles between us when we discovered with wild synchronicity that we’d each developed feelings for women.” And, so begins a recognizable but singular journey toward authenticity and belonging that starts with one pair of identical twins who set out to dig deeper into the world of sexual orientation, twinship and gender, and whether it is nature or nurture in the driver’s seat. What Hava and Dani Dennenberg discover turns out to be much more complex than they imagined. Through a series of interviews with both identical and fraternal twins who land in many places along the spectrum of orientation, the reader is invited into stories of self-discovery and survival that illuminate what it feels like to be inextricably linked to another person since birth. Part memoir, part research, this genre-breaking study in human relationships, behavior, and sexual orientation highlights just how difficult this nut is to crack.

Mirrors and Closets: The Complex Journey of LGBTQ Twins & Their Siblings includes digitally recorded interviews of eighteen sets of twins who span the age spectrum, gender variance, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, sexual identities, religious upbringings and touch upon some of the more sensitive social issues like substance abuse, struggles with mental health and suicide.

Current statistics show that members of the LGTBQ population are likely to experience feelings of isolation and loneliness, thoughts of suicide and battles with addiction at some point during their lifetimes. Pressures from one’s family, friends, community, and religion related to orientation can add to that weight. With humor, boldness and sincerity, Hava and Dani ask essential questions about coming to terms with the truth, and whether someone truly is “born this way.” Mirrors and Closets: The Complex Journey of LGBTQ Twins & Their Siblings is a rare exploration of selfhood, where memories of growing up and coming out meet the complicated and ever-evolving science behind what attracts us and how we see ourselves.

The Dennenbergs, committed vegans, fierce defenders of animals, social and eco justice, will donate a percentage of proceeds to causes dear to their hearts: Trans Lifeline, addressing suicide prevention in the transgender community, Mercy for Animals, advocating for abused and neglected farmed animals, 350.org, empowering impoverished communities disproportionately affected by the climate crisis and Orangutan Foundation International, safeguarding orangutans from the clutches of the palm oil industry. Quarterly, we will rotate our causes, so that we can contribute to countless organizations dedicated to making a difference.

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