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Scalehouse Gallery Artist Talk: Jon Gann, Kites for War

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Scalehouse Gallery
550 NW Franklin Ave, Suite 138
Bend, OR 97703


December 10, 2021
6:00 pm
- 7:00 pm

In his talk, Kites for War, artist Jon Gann will share his personal history as it relates to the bare truths of the works in his show, infinity splinters / resttagebücher, currently up at Scalehouse Gallery. Touching on the struggles of mental illness, shame, and the masking of truth, Gann will also speak about his process of putting feeling into form and how he is using the current show as a new jumping-off point. Like any artistic practice, mental health takes work, and for Gann this is a hopeful realization. It is an ongoing process of shadow boxing with your daemons and of accumulating new tool sets and new networks of love and trust.

Tickets are free. RSVP Required.

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