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SCALEHOUSE NEW EXHIBITION: Excuse Me: A Structural Device for Visual Communication

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Scalehouse Gallery
550 NW Franklin Ave, Suite 138
Bend, OR 97703


January 7
1:00 pm
- 6:00 pm

Scalehouse Gallery is pleased to announce their new exhibition, “Excuse Me: A Structural Device for Visual Communication.” This exhibition will open Friday January 7th, and will be on view through Saturday, February 26th. Scalehouse is located in Franklin Crossing on the Tin Pan Alley Side. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 1pm-6pm and by appointment.

“Excuse Me: A Structural Device for Visual Communication” is a collaborative exhibition from Danger Punch and FO(u)RT art collectives. Each week will showcase the work of an individual artist in response to a single poem by Dr. Jenna Goldsmith. This series of rapid exhibitions will highlight the similarities and differences of written word and visual art, informing each other while also pushing against each other.

Jan 7-8: General opening
Jan 12-15: Lauren Seiffert
Jan 19-22: Sarah Abbott
Jan 26-29: Kiel Fletcher
Feb 2-5: Tim Janchar
Feb 9-12: A.C.M. Lorish
Feb 16-19: Jessie Spiess Werner
Feb 23-26: Rachel Wolf

Scalehouse is a multidisciplinary contemporary arts center convening diverse thinkers for in-depth discussions, artistic collaborations, exhibitions and events, including Bend Design Week and Scalehouse Gallery. Scalehouse believes our shared future presents complex challenges and opportunities, not just benefiting from creativity but requiring it. We are committed to programming that’s accessible, provocative, extraordinary and inclusive — always with an eye toward a better future. Learn more at scalehouse.org

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