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Roundabout Books
900 NW Mt. Washington Dr, Suite #110
Bend, OR 97703

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Every day, ordinary people are prescribed Benzodiazepines to help them cope with anxiety or
insomnia. Every day, someone takes a little white pill and unwittingly begins down a path that changes
their life forever.
In 2007 Marjorie Meret-Carmen was one of those people. While dealing with her husband’s decline,
she was not sleeping and having panic attacks in the middle of the night. Her Dr., following a
common protocol, prescribed Ativan. In her Memoir “Repairing the Benzo Blunder” Marjorie charts
her painful journey through Benzo dependence, withdrawal, and ultimate recovery. Her story is told
with poetry, journal entries, and science-based research. This book is a must read about the
consequences of this 60-year-old pharmaceutical travesty.

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