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Sunriver CrossFit
56880 Venture Ln
Sunriver, OR 97707

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$60 Individual / $100 Team

4 WODs each scored differently:

  • Total Horsepower
  • Specific Horsepower
  • Total Weight Moved
  • Most Reps

Masters: Male, Female
Teams: Male/Male and Female/Female
Individual: Male, Female
Teams: Male/Male and Female/Female

$60 Individual; $100 Teams – includes t-shirt and swag bag.

Cash and/or trophies for 1st – 3rd in each division and top horsepower

WOD 1: You pick move (deadlift, powerclean, or snatch), you pick the weight, we measure your rack height, you or you and your partner move that weight with that move for 5 minutes. Plug into formula and we tell you your horsepower. The most in 5 minutes wins!

96 total spaces available!

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