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East Bend Library
62080 Dean Swift Rd
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One of the preeminent figures of Iranian cinema, Mohsen Makhmalbaf has written and directed an impressive array of acclaimed films, winning accolades at international film festivals and the admiration of world cinema audiences. This collection presents three of Makhmalbaf’s most lyrical films which the director has termed his Poetic Trilogy.

April 14th, 2:30 p.m., Gabbeh, 72 minutes, (first film in the trilogy) tells of an elderly couple who stop by a stream to wash a vividly woven traditional Persian rug.. A beautiful woman (‘Gabbeh’), depicted in the rug’s elaborate design, suddenly appears and tells a heart-rending story of love and loss. A film imbued with the ideas of Sufism.

Getting to Unity Film Festival: A Poetic Trilogy

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