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Never Have I Ever...

Family Adventure Day in Bend

Recipe For Family Fun:

A boat, a beer, pizza, and a volcano

The kids are restless, and you’re ready for cautious tiptoeing beyond your front yard. Living in Bend means you’ve seldom savored it like tourists do, so let’s change that. From kayaking to a quintessential Bend hike, here’s your guide to the post-quarantine adventure your family deserves.


Rules of the Pandemic

Stay Safe and Be Nice

COVID-19 has turned us all topsy-turvy, but you know what’ll help right the ship? Kindness. Well, kindness and some extra soap. The businesses welcoming you back are pledging to keep us safe, but they need a hand (preferably a clean one). Please practice social distancing and restrict your contact to immediate family. Exercise good hygiene and keep a smile behind that mask. Above all, look out for one another. We’ve done a great job so far. Let’s keep it up.

COVID Updates

Never Have I Ever...

Play in Bend

You’ve played the game, possibly with a Bend beer in hand. Never Have I Ever prompts you to share deeds you haven’t done, and we’ll bet you have some Bend experiences on that list. A cave tour? A hike up Pilot Butte? Lunch at that new food cart? No matter how long you’ve lived here, there’s surely something you’ve missed. It’s time to savor Bend the way the tourists do. We’ll hold your beer.