Maragas Winery Memorial Weekend Open House

Maragas Winery Memorial Weekend Open House


15523 SW Hwy 97, Culver, OR 97734



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The annual festive Maragas Winery Memorial Weekend Open House with music, food, art and, of course, wine. Following the methods of our ancestors, we allow nature to make our wine with as little interference as possible, with organic farming methods, hands-off fermentation and extended barrel aging. Take in one of several paintings from the resurrected Lattavo Gallery making their home on the walls of our unique winery. Embrace our fabulous sunny days and enjoy a glass of wine on our patio while taking in a panoramic view of Terrebonne and the magnificent Smith Rock! This is a family friendly event – kids can frolic on the law and adults can mingle with a glass of wine on the patio. Maragas Winery is all about old world premium winemaking and traditions handed down through several generations of winemakers and vineyard managers. With an emphasis on extensively barrel aged reds, the wines are hearty, winning awards in numerous national and international competitions. The vineyard in Central Oregon is organic, using many of the same methodologies found in our centuries old family vineyard in Greece. Experience the wine, pair with one of a selection of artisan local cheeses, and take in the Lattavo Gallery art adorning the walls of the winery.

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