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Started without any outside funding in an old auto shop in Bend’s historic district in 2010, Boneyard’s mix ‘n’ match brewing equipment came from a “boneyard” of old brewing castoffs from 13 different breweries from around the country. Boasting the RPM IPA, voted the “Best Beer in Oregon” by The Oregonian, they have had a huge demand for their balanced, hopy brews from early in their production. Don’t think you’re going to enjoy a pint in their difficult to find small, grimy and unpretentious tasting room. You’re there to taste, not chug. You can get crowlers (32 oz cans filled and sealed with a beer of your choice) to take home. If they’ve got it, don’t miss their Backbone, an espresso porter partnership with local coffee roaster Backporch. They’re in the process of a major expansion. The new facility, approximately 15,000 sq feet, is home to the new production facility and employee offices. The new facility adds much needed capacity for Boneyard. In keeping with the theme, the 40 BBL brewhouse purchased for the new facility is second-hand. The new facility will allow Boneyard to brew upwards of 45,000 barrels per year when at max capacity.


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