Locally Crafted Liquors in Sisters, Oregon

Cascade Street Distillery

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261 W Cascade Ave, Sisters, OR 97759
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At Cascade Street Distillery, they invite you to “imagine if you could take the essence of a place and put it into a bottle.” One of the things they feel sets them apart is obvious to many visitors to Central Oregon: it’s the water. All of Cascade Street’s premium liquors are blended and bottled with pristine mountain spring water that flows from volcanic rock filtered aquifers in Sisters in very small batches. They offer their Broken Top Bourban Whiskey (87.5 Proof 43.7% ABV), a bold sipping bourbon made from corn, rye and barley, South Sister Gin (86.5 Proof 43.25% ABV), with a unique blend with an exceptional citrus forward base which makes the perfect martini and is smooth enough to drink on the rocks, and North Sister Vodka, bright, crisp, clean and refreshing 100% American corn grain vodka (80 Proof 40% ABV). You’re invited into their laid back, comfortable tasting room on Cascade St in Sisters, where you do not need an appointment to drop by and sample.

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