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The D&D Bar and Grill is the oldest bar in Bend for a reason. It just keeps being there and it just keeps being awesome. While in past years it earned its nickname “The Dirty D”, it’s been cleaned up a recently to be a little more welcoming, but it’s still got a pleasingly solid reputation as a dive bar. It’s a joint that takes pride in the fact that its bartenders mix the stiffest drinks in town. The bartenders and serves are old school efficient and bring out plates of the best hangover food in town, virtually all night long, including house-made staples of the diners you don’t find anymore, like biscuits ‘n’ gravy, corned beef and legitimate, delicious hashbrowns off the grill. Minors are welcome earlier in the day to enjoy the genuinely good and affordably priced breakfast and lunch menus (don’t miss their Bloody Mary), including a hamburger that’s been called one of the best in town. Long live the D.


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