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One of many restaurants to make the transition from a food cart to a physical space, Dakine Café is still an anomaly; it went from a seasonal cart serving Hawaiian shave ice to a restaurant serving a wider spectrum of fare “inspired by the tropics and with a kiss of Hawaii”. The owners describe their location on Galveston Ave in a converted, plantation-style house as a “superfood café supporting an active outdoor lifestyle, with an emphasis on board sports”. They also have an espresso bar with options you don’t often see, like beetroot, matcha and turmeric lattes. Menu items include fresh fare like acai bowls (or smoothie bowls), granolas, smoothies and toasts, such as the ‘avosmash’ toast, featuring avocado, radishes and spicy greens topped with lemon and chili flakes. True to their roots, they also offer shave ice and you can frequently see the original cart that started it all right in the yard.

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