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Fussy, fancy burgers need not apply. Dandy’s Drive-In has been serving them straight up and honest since 1968, and that’s why everyone likes them. This little slice of yesteryear is on 3rd Street in Bend and, aside from a new coat of paint every now and then, blissfully little about it has changed. Drive up, turn off the car, and wait for one of the roller skating car hops to come take your lunch or dinner order. Burgers, hot dogs, fries (ask for extra fry sauce), and a fish sandwich are on the menu along with sodas and house made milkshakes, and every bit of it is made to order just for you. In a hurry? Call ahead and turn on your headlights when you park; that’s Dandy’s code for “picking up an order”. Of course, you’re welcome to stay and enjoy your Dandy’s delights in your car. Just don’t come on Sunday, because that’s their day off. And leave the plastic in your wallet; cash or check is how Dandy’s rolls.


ADA Accessible
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