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Let’s do lunch. Seriously, let’s do it up in style. There are tons of ways to achieve that in Bend, whether you’re jonesing for a no-frills sub sandwich, or a multi-course gourmet meal served with a side order of river views.

Load up on scrumptious salads packed with healthy, wholesome ingredients and served with a side of piping hot soup. That’s hardly a tall order at lunch spots like Mother’s, Jackson’s Corner, and La Magie.

Treat yourself to that brimming-with-bacon BLT you only allow yourself when you’re on vacation. Quench the kiddos’ cravings with chicken strips and fries, while mom and dad enjoy more grownup offerings at one of Bend’s legendary breweries.

You’ll even find Bend lunch spots to cater to special needs like gluten-free or vegan dining. Wherever you end up, feel free to linger. You’re in Bend…enjoy.



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