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Maragas Winery

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15523 Hwy 97, Culver, OR 97734
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The microclimate at Maragas Winery in Culver makes it the ideal place to grow a number of European varietals and French American hybrids. Then again, if you were settled between picturesque Smith Rock and seven Cascade mountain peaks, you’d probably thrive, too. Founder Doug Maragas is no wine producing newbie; he was coached from the time he was a child by his Greek-born mother, who founded the first Maragas wine and grape brokering business back in 1941. Doug and his team tenaciously tested over 40 varietals in just one of their seven blocks in order to determine which ones would create the best fruit for the best wine. Today, zinfandel, cabernet franc, pinot noir, pinot munier, chardonnay, muscat, frontenac, marechal foch, and vignole are grown and the area’s mineral-rich volcanic soils, which allow for excellent water drainage so the vines can thrive. Through these vines, Maragas Winery is able to fulfill its mission of making old world, hand crafted, barrel aged wine that is unique in style and exemplifies complex flavor. As a boutique winery, Maragas wines are sold in limited quantities and can be found in select retail stores throughout Central Oregon and on the Maragas website.

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