Inside JC's Bar & Grill, 642 NW Franklin Ave, Bend, OR 97703 Map It
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Co-owners Caley and Basia enjoy expressing their creativity together through pancakes and encourage you to as well. The menu is flexible and everything is made fresh to order with a goal to be your best Bend pancake experience. Home of the Original Purrito, a large homemade buttermilk pancake with cream cheese spread wrapped around a 3 egg and bacon scramzie, and The Johnny, a large homemade cornmeal infused “Johnny Cake” with sweet chili sauce & spicy homemade serrano pepper cream cheese spread, wrapped around a 3 egg and bacon scramzie, topped with fresh-squeezed lime juice, they also offer a light and fluffy gluten-free pancake option. While they don’t cater, you can order pancake muffins (Puffins) by the dozen online. Hours vary seasonally, so check online or call 541.359.8761.


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