A creative piece of multiple dimensions

A Parade of Strange Ideas by Philip Newsom

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Tin Pan Alley, Bend, OR 97703
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  • ADA Accessible

About the Piece: “A Parade of Strange Ideas” shows a spontaneous procession of subtle ideas without words emerging from the unconscious, and growing as multi-dimensional  shapes in some back-alley of the mind. The various species of things from the mind are shaped by their relationships between each other, as they are in nature. But they are always changing and nothing is simple or easy to name and describe. They seem real, yet float free of symbolism or explicable meaning.

About the Artist: Philip Newsom is a painter and illustrator from Colorado. The son of two illustrators, he studied illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, like his parents and brother before him. He graduated in 2000 and moved back to Colorado a year later. Since then he has painted many commissioned book and magazine illustrations, animal portraits,  murals, landscapes, and graphic designs. Learn more on the family website: www.Newsomart.com

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