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About the Piece: This painting was created during a First Friday event in Downtown Bend on June 2, 2017. Community members were invited to add their circle to the painting. The circle is a symbol of connection, community, inclusion, oneness, and life. Painters of all ages added their mark, connecting the community and cultivating the creativity in all of us.

About the Artists: Base Camp Studio facilitated the painting of this piece by numerous Bend community members. Base Camp Studio is a local non-profit arts and social service organization. Our mission is to provide a sustainable and supportive space that builds a healthy community by cultivating creativity, self-awareness, personal growth, and interpersonal understanding through the arts. We offer unique studiobased programs, and partner with schools and other community groups to provide accessible open-ended art classes and Art Therapy programs focusing on young children and teens and including people of all ages and abilities. Our events are designed to cultivate creativity and build community. iartbend.com


ADA Accessible
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