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Ole Pappy’s Trapper Cabin is the first escape room in the PNW that comes to you!  Hand crafted and up-cycled from a 1971 travel trailer, using reclaimed material and upgraded insulation and electrical to modern standards, this climate controlled “cabin in the woods” is a place you’d love to spend more then an hour in, but you’d better not cause Ole Pappy doesn’t like when you overstay your welcome.

If you’re planning an event where funness is a factor, Ole Pappy’s cabin adds a unique experience to any Corporate team building, breweries (Pappy digs breweries) private events, graduation parties, family reunions, to comic-cons.

All skill levels will enjoy their time in the cabin, exploring for, and figuring out clues in order to GIT OUT, before Pappy’s return!

The cabin is what real estate professionals would describe as quaint, and therefore can only hold 6 adults per escape attempt, although we suggest 4.

Based in Bend, Oregon, we are able to serve all of Central Oregon and the I-5 corridor from Eugene to Seattle. “Ole Pappy’s Trapper Cabin” is a safe place to weather a storm or to wait out a hungry bear, but don’t overstay your welcome, because Ole Pappy doesn’t take kindly to Snoopin City Folk!

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