Southwark by Amy Castaño

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Tin Pan Alley, Bend, OR 97703
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  • ADA Accessible

About the Piece: Urban wanderings bring the artist great delight (just as you may be delighting right now). There are so many sights, smells, and wonderful textures to be found on the streets of a city . . . cracks in the pavement, weathered paint, the sounds of buskers, the smells of street food . . . a feast for all of your senses and an energy that can’t be denied. This particular spot can be found in London (Southwark, to be exact). Pictured is one of London’s many bikeways. No cars allowed here – they’ve got it just right.

About the Artist: Amy Castaño is a photographer/artist/adventure seeker always searching for a unique viewpoint, a different angle, something interesting in something ordinary, the perfect radiant light, or just something beautiful. She finds art in everything. Wielding the tools of the digital darkroom, she brings captured images to life, often blurring the line between photograph and painting. She’s typically drawn to scenes one would find in a city: industry, architecture, telephone wires, lines and shapes colliding into one another. Learn more about her art at

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