Wag Like a Local

Wag on!

When you visit Bend, you may notice that a lot, I mean, really, a lot of people have dogs. Or do the dogs have the humans? Either way, Bend has earned the honor of being named Dog Town USA, and for good reason. With eight off-leash dog parks, water bowls on every corner, and yes, even beers named after dogs and dogs being off leash, these tips below will help you wag like a local when you’re visiting Bend, err, we mean, Dog Town USA.

Show the pearly whites!

Smile (and Wag) at Strangers On the Trail

A funny thing happens to people in Bend. The corners of their mouths tug up and their eyes start sparkling like the Deschutes River on a sunny day. Give in to the urge to grin at random strangers. Not only will folks smile back, but they’ll take you for one of their own. When you’re in Bend, you pretty much are.

Smile at Strangers-800

Leash up

Take the 'Rove' Out of 'Rover'

We know, being off leash in Bend is a lot of fun. So fun, that Crux Fermentation Project even named a beer Off-Leash. But yes, sometimes when you’re with your pooch in Bend, even the best-behaved dogs have to be on leashes. As the leash laws go in Bend, within city limits it’s necessary for your pup to be on a leash, unless you find yourself at one of Bend’s many off-leash dog parks.​Depending on the time of year, there are seasonal leash laws in several popular areas around Bend, so be sure to check DogPac for a comprehensive list of leash regulations in Central Oregon. Oh, and one last thing, if you find yourself visiting Bend and you forgot to bring Fido’s leash along (it happens to us, too), there are plenty of pet-supply stores to pick up that​ leash and harness your dog has been jealously lusting over for years now from locally-owned Ruffwear.


Give disposable the boot

Pack It In, Pack It Out

Good visitors know it’s courteous to pack out garbage at the end of a picnic, but why not take it to the next level? Tuck a small trash bag in your day pack and pick up bits of rubbish along the trail. Now your favorite spot is just a little nicer than you found it!

pack it out-800

Do your doody

Practice Proper Pooper Etiquette

Visit one of our many dog parks to see why the city was named the nation’s dog-friendliest by Dog Fancy magazine. If you’re out and about with Fido, obey the leash laws and do your duty when he does his doody. At the end of the day, buy Rover his own pint of Dawg Grog. He’s earned it.


The Bend Pledge

You and your best furry friend love visiting Bend, right? Why not take the Bend Pledge and promise to leave your favorite mountain town just a little bit better than it was before you visited? You’ll feel good and you might win a sweet Bend vacation.