Make a pledge for the wild places in Bend, OR

Taking care of the places that take care of us.

A Pledge for the Wild

Make a Pledge For the Wild

And give back to Bend through your support of the Bend Sustainability Fund.

Famous for both its outdoor activities and pristine beauty, the city of Bend, Oregon has been dubbed the “outdoor playground of the West” for a thousand good reasons. Visitors and locals alike enjoy world-class skiing at Meissner Nordic, fat-biking at Wanoga, fly-fishing on the Deschutes River, hiking and snowshoeing among the mountains of the Three Sisters Wilderness, and mountain biking in Deschutes National Forest, just to name a few.

Whether you’re just traveling through, a frequent visitor, or you call Bend home, we encourage you to take pause and consider the people and organizations that make these recreation opportunities possible. Who builds and maintains trails and parking areas, gets up before dawn on a January morning to groom the ski track, hangs signs, and clears blowdown?

Support the wild places of Bend with your donation. We recommend donating $1 per hour for time spent in Central Oregon’s outdoors.

Text WILD4BEND to 44321 or click the button below.

How it Works

Your contribution to Pledge for the Wild is a direct tax-deductible donation to the Bend Sustainability Fund, a grant program funding projects that protect, steward, and create sustainable recreational resources and outdoor experiences in Bend’s backyard.

Pledge For the Wild

Pledge for the Wild provides a mechanism for direct tax-deductible donations to the Bend Sustainability Fund