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The Bend Kitty Lodge has been serving the needs of Central Oregon cats since 1990. Their philosophy is based on going the extra mile to ensure that your cat gets a stimulating environment and attention, including petting, a game of chase, a treat, or a brush out. Their boarding facility has both standard and deluxe spacious suites furnished with cat trees, soft beds, some with sunny windows, perches, and scratching posts, with seasonal indoor/outdoor rooms in their Catio Units. A community option is available, and specifically developed cat music plays in the Lodge. Litter boxes are cleaned several times a day, water is freshened twice a day, and cats are fed morning and evening, and petted and played with during the day. They understand cats need room to be happy and they don’t like change – it’s stressful. Cats are curious and need an environment that is stimulating, with room to play, vertical space to jump, interesting sights, and a choice of movement to stem boredom and they need attention. So, they offer a one of a kind boarding experience for felines – one that meets their needs in every way.

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