Proud to be Part of Central Oregon's Active Jewish Community

Jewish Community of Central Oregon

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21555 Modoc Ln, Bend, OR 97702
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Shalom Bayit Synagogue (Jewish Community of Central Oregon) is an inclusive and participatory Jewish community that honors the diversity of the Jewish heritage, linking modern life to ancient traditions by providing opportunities for Jewish education, spiritual growth, and worship in Central Oregon. JCCO has respect for all branches and pathways of Judaism, and their services often have a traditional feel with non-traditional content. JCCO is proud to be a part of Central Oregon’s growing and active Jewish community, and a permanent part-time Rabbi leads Shabbat services several times a month. JCCO also runs a Hebrew School, which meets weekly on Tuesday afternoons at the synagogue. Students usually begin this program in the third grade and continue until their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Bar and Bat Mitzvah trainings are also offered, with students meeting with a mentor for the duration of their training. JCCO also provides a number of other youth and adult education services, many family activities, and an on-site library for those wishing to deepen their understanding and faith. A multitude of services and celebrations are held at the synagogue on Modoc Lane in Bend; please visit the website for a current schedule.

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