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Kindred Spirit Pet Care has been offering cage-free dog boarding and daycare since 2006. Dogs were meant to be free and loved – not restricted to kennels and cared for by people they don’t know or trust. At Kindred Spirit, your dog becomes part of a friendly pack that roams three acres supervised by their team of dog lovers for eight hours each day. Dogs are fed and nap together in their Canine Club House or Ranch House, always supervised. Reducing your four-legged friend’s separation anxiety is one of the most important parts of their efforts to create a safe and relaxed atmosphere while you’re away from your family pet.

Located near Tumalo, Kindred Spirit prides itself on offering hikes, plenty of space and outdoor time for dogs to socialize. Kindred Spirits has a tried and true process to introduce and meet each new dog they board. Each dog gets a chance to visit and be familiar with them before they are left for a longer time.

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