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Owl Taxi, Inc

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Owl Taxi was established in Bend in 1940, by Leroy Fasset. Multitaskers before multitasking was even a thing, it also served as the local ambulance, hearse, and tow company for the city. Today, Owl Taxi is owned and operated by second and third generation family members who have dropped the ambulance, hearse and towing services in favor of focusing on running a reliable community taxi service that gets people where they need to go 24/7. From airport transportation to designated driver services to package delivery services, Owl Taxi maintains a reliable fleet of vehicles driven by licensed, bonded drivers who want to make you feel welcome and special. The team prides itself on having longstanding customers who call time and again, and is always happy to make new friends, whether you are a local or just visiting the area. Owl Taxi operates every day of the year and is ready to take you where you need to go in comfort and with confidence.

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