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Park Your Pooch kennel off Bear Creek Rd on Bend’s east side promises to be your dog’s “favorite vacation spot”. A small facility featuring 24 individual kennels inside a fully insulated building and a clean, sanitary environment, they provide radiant heat in the floor and air-conditioning to ensure comfort in all seasons for your furry friend. They have turn-out pens out the back of the kennel and the dogs go out a minimum of four times throughout the day; this is a “potty run” so dogs can stretch their legs and do something besides sit in the kennel. Dog guests also receive individual attention and daily turn-out time for running and playing. Park Your Pooch also offers an additional extra playtime over and above the turn-outs in their 60-foot covered play-yard where your dog can romp around and/or chase the ball or go on a walk around the property. This extra playtime is optional and available as you request.

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