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There are some places that just plain make towns cooler, and Bend Velo is one of them. Bend Velo calls itself the “practical bike shop” for good reason: their mission is to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes. Their bikes are made to be useful, practical and fun and the shop is geared towards building and providing practical bikes for the general public to ride for both pleasure and transportation. They’ve got a full bike rental fleet and boast a repair shop that will provide fast turn-around and fair, competitive pricing. They carry Breezer and Surly bikes and can order any Focus bike, but a lot of their reputation is based on their house brand. Bend Velo builds their own bikes, local favorites J. Livingston repurposed rebuilds. These bikes are recycled steel bikes, amazing commuters that started life as 70’s and 80’s mountain bikes and are rebuilt and reborn as practical town bikes. The new owner can totally customize their bike, choosing color, tire color, handlebars, grips, fenders, and many other options. The result is a personal commuter bike, built with a purpose. One-of-a-kind, unique like the owner and designed to be used.

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