Hull-Filled Pillows Made in Bend


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1534 NW 3rd St, Bend, OR 97703
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Since a trusted chiropractor switched her to a buckwheat-hull pillow after sustaining a bicycling neck injury, the creator of Bend-based Bliss Pillows was hooked on the flexible, airy support produced by hull fill she got from that first prescription pillow (yes, they’ve got an insurance code). Naturally hypo-allergenic and grown rather than manufactured, hull-filled pillows have loong been used all over the world for therapeutic support, relief from stiffness and soreness of the neck and shoulders.

Smaller than typical prescription pillows, each compact Bliss Pillow is custom made with a snug, removable, washable covers from a vast array of fabric choices mostly from natural and/or recycled fabrics. She’ll even craft a pillow from a fabric you bring to her. Each pillow is hand-crafted in the founder’s home with prices starting at $34. They offer a feel that simultaneously softly conforms and firmly supports to provide a flexible massage and work beautifully for yoga and meditation, too.

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