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835 NW Bond St, Suite 200, Bend, OR 97703
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Waylon Rhoads Jewelry Design started in 2013 in downtown Bend to provide individuals with a unique and personal jewelry service that focuses on customer satisfaction, high-quality craftsmanship, and original designs. As one of the most sentimental possessions that an individual can own, to have it manufactured in a mass production fashion loses a certain amount of the intimacy. He wants to bring the romance back to jewelry, by handcrafting each item with the intent of making it for the person who is going to wear it. Starting with an extensive online form, he gathers information from you to help create your one of a kind “masterpiece.” You can view his gallery, get the stories behind his jewelry lines, read his blog and purchase from his store on his website. Besides working with the public, Waylon Rhoads strives to help out other jewelry store owners with his 10 years of retail jewelry experience, mostly working in high volume, high-quality stores.

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