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Bend’s Wilco Farm Store is located in southeast Bend on Highway 20 and NE 27th St. and supplies the everyday needs of anyone with pets, backyards or farms. The five core departments of the store include Work Wear & Footwear, True Value Convenience Hardware with Ben Moore Paint, Lawn & Garden supplies with a Nursery-Style Garden Center, Pet Food, and Supplies with Full-Service Pet Grooming and Livestock and Equine Supplies, Feed and Fencing. Wilco, with a history that dates back to the 1930’s, they are still a farmer-owned cooperative headquartered in the rural town of Mt. Angel, Oregon. They focus on a commitment to core values and community that comes from their roots while striving to be a progressive company known for growth and innovation supplying today’s agricultural needs. As a cooperative, their farmer customers are also their owner-members, so Wilco is always focused on what the customers need.


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