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Catherine Carroll

Catherine Carroll
About Catherine

I claim Washington state as “where I’m from”, but have been fortunate to call many places home throughout my life. The UK, Japan, Belgium, Bellingham WA, Flagstaff AZ, Leadville CO, and finally Bend! I moved here in the fall of 2021 with my husband and our dog after my husband accepted a job with Mt. Bachelor. Prior to moving here, I worked for the Visitor Center in Frisco, CO. Traveling and exploring are some of my main passions, and I am incredibly grateful to have visited so much, and yet so little, of this world. Like most people who migrate to Bend, I love the outdoors. Some favorite activities include hiking, skiing, being on the river, swimming, and camping. I also love my indoor-time, and always enjoy curling up on my couch with a good movie or book. I have lived in big cities and small mountain communities, and part of why I love Bend is because it is the perfect blend of access to the outdoors while offering city-like amenities.

What’s your favorite Bend adventure?

In the summer, it’s definitely getting out on the Deschutes river. In the winter, it’s going up to ski Mt. Bachelor – I love that part of the drive up when you come around a big turn and that beautiful mountain is your entire view. Year-round, for my fellow movie lovers, I love going to the McMenamins Old Francis Theater. They only show one movie at a time, but you get to watch the movie in cozy loveseats and order food and cocktails from the McMenamins restaurant menu. Cajun tater tots > popcorn.

What’s your favorite dining spot?

I love going to all the different food truck lots. The lots will always have a bar in the middle for you to try a local brew (or two), and the variety of the cuisines is amazing – you’ll find sushi trucks, pizza, tacos, Hawaiian, Israeli, and many more. Some of my favorite spots are Podski, The Lot, and Midtown Yacht Club.

Best piece of advice for first time visitors to Bend?

I’m probably (definitely) biased, but stop by the Visitor Center! The amount of things to do and see in Bend can feel overwhelming, and we can help talk to you about your options and help you figure out the best way to spend your time here.