The Visitor Center in Bend, OR

Board Member at Large

Daniel Elder

Daniel Elder
Daniel Elder is an Oregon native originally from Newberg, OR. He joins the Visit Bend board as a seasoned hospitality professional with over a decade of experience. He started his hospitality career at the Allison Inn & Spa in the Willamette Valley and is now the general manager of Campfire Hotel, located in Bend’s midtown. When not working or spending time with his family, Daniel hones his musical talents at a local music studio. 

What’s your favorite Bend adventure? 

I am torn on this because kayaking is my favorite outdoor activity, especially on the lakes. However, my favorite Bend adventure is going to Skylight Cave which is technically not in Bend but pretty close. I highly recommend it!

What’s your favorite dining spot? 

If I am going out for breakfast, I am going to McKay Cottage.  If it’s a family outing, we’ll go to Hablo Tacos, and if it’s a date night, my wife and I love Zydeco Kitchen.

Best piece of advice for first time visitors to Bend? 

You cannot get the whole Bend experience in one visit. There are so many fantastic places to stay, eat, or adventure, which can be overwhelming. While you should have activities planned, don’t forget to leave time to relax and enjoy the natural ambiance that is Bend. Additionally, you should have your next visit planned and on the calendar before you go!