Visitor Center Manager

Kelli Neumann

Kelli Neumann
About Kelli

Kelli has a history with raptors, goats, and wildlife, in addition to having a broad set of skills. She can skin a deer! And fix a pump house! She has a passion for all things local and is filling the Bend Visitor Center with as many locally made goods as will fit. You may know her as the nice lady with the German shepherd.

What’s Your Favorite Bend Adventure?
I love riding my horse around the BLM land east of Bend. I’m also reminding myself how to ski at Mount Bachelor.

What’s Your Favorite Dining Spot?
Bos Taurus is a special treat, with incredible steak and really creative cocktails.

Best Piece of Advice for First Time Visitors to Bend?

Drive slowly and carefully at sunrise and sunset. We have a lot of local deer that move around at those times of day.