The Visitor Center in Bend, OR

Marketing Director

Laurel Hunter

Laurel Hunter
About Laurel

Laurel came to Bend to have the best possible access to the outdoors while also having great food and cocktails nearby. She lives on the edge of the forest, making it that much easier to get on the trails everyday, whether to mountain bike or trail run with her dogs.

When she is not supporting the marketing efforts of Visit Bend she can be found outside, supporting local trail organizations, or experimenting with cocktail bitters.

What’s Your Favorite Bend Adventure?
I love zipping around on all of our awesome mountain bike trails, hiking up to high places for the views, and fly fishing on creeks deep in the mountains. My favorite adventure is the one I am currently doing!

What’s Your Favorite Dining Spot?
Do cookie breaks count as dining? Foxtail Bakeshop has incredible treats (and that All Butter Biscuit Sando). Wild Rose is a fave for especially tasty Thai food. Elk Lake Resort is a lovely spot for a post-adventure burger and beer.

Best Piece of Advice for First Time Visitors to Bend?

Don’t forget your sunscreen and warm clothes. The weather here changes quickly and you might be in a downpour one minute and enjoying full sunshine the next. Or possibly both at the same time.