Help Leave Bend Better Than You Found It

The Bend Pledge

Take the Bend Pledge

Want to take your love of Bend to the next level? Cross your heart, pinky swear, and make a heartfelt promise you’ll leave Bend a little better than you found it. Not only is it the Bend way, we’ll sweeten the pot by gifting random oath-takers a free Bend vacation.

The Bend Pledge is our way of creating a code of conduct for everyone who spends time in Central Oregon. We follow “Leave No Trace” practices whether we’re picking up trail litter or packing reusable water bottles. We smile at strangers and we practice common courtesy on the road. Sounds pretty sweet, right? It gets better.

Take The Bend Pledge today and you could win one of two Bend vacations including lodging, meals, and activities. We draw one random pledge participant every January 1 and again June 1, so you’ve always got another chance to be a winner.

But even if you don’t score the big prize, you’re a winner in our book for vowing to do your part to keep Bend special by taking The Bend Pledge below.

  1. I vow to be a respectful guest in Bend’s indoor and outdoor spaces.
  2. I’ll make my own memories, but not my own trails.
  3. I will be responsible with fire during the dry summer months and with ice on slick winter roads.
  4. I won’t risk life or limb (human or sapling) for more likes.
  5. I’ll be friendly and courteous, because that’s the Bend way.
  6. If I can’t find a parking spot, I will not invent my own.
  7. When playing outside, I’ll prepare for shifts in weather and random episodes of magic.
  8. I’ll pack in reusable containers and pack out all my trash.
  9. I will use my turn signal often and my car horn seldom.
  10. I promise to leave Bend better than I found it.

Take Your Love For Bend a Step Further

Text WILD4BEND to 44321 to help take care of Bend’s special places by donating to the Deschutes Trails Coalition, Bend Oregon’s nonprofit organization supporting Bend’s wild places through Pledge for the Wild. Pledge for the Wild is proactively sharing outdoor principles and responsible tourism tips while creating a direct channel to give back locally through online donation or text-to-donate.