Winter in Bend, OR

Bring Your Best Self to Central Oregon

The Bend Pledge

Take the Bend Pledge

Bring your best self to Central Oregon, and take care of the places that take care of us.

Take the Bend Pledge and join us in protecting the places we love to play; treading softly, taking only memories, and leaving only footprints.

Sign the Pledge not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because you could win a free Bend Vacation.

Take the Bend Pledge today and you could win one of two Bend vacations including lodging, meals, and activities. We draw one random pledge each quarter, so you’ve always got another chance to be a winner.

The Bend Pledge is our way of asking you to “Bring your best self” when spending time in Central Oregon.

  1. Smile, say please & thank you, give right-of-way, and simply slow down
  2. Adventure and explore in a manner that is respectful to the land, wildlife, and the people you share it with.
  3. Plan and prepare for your time on the trails, in the mountains and on the water.
  4. Walk more, drive less, and stick to established trails, routes, and parking areas.
  5. We must take care of the places that take care of us; we are all visitors here.