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The Halloween Cyclocross Crusade of Bend, Oregon is happening October 28-29, 2017 and is home of the famous Halloween Cross Crusade cyclocross race.

Is it a cyclocross race? Is it a cultural celebration? Will you have fun? Yes!

Every halloween, Bend Oregon hosts the highly anticipated Halloween Cross Crusade & Cyclocross festival.


Halloween Cyclocross Crusade

Two full days of epic racing for all categories on the National Championship course at Deschutes Brewery in the Old Mill District

The legendary Halloween Cyclocross Crusade race is back, and will again take place at Deschutes Brewery in the Old Mill District on October 28-29, 2017.

Witness the fun and mayhem of over 1,000 cyclocross racers donning costumes and competing for Cross Crusade points. In addition to two days of epic racing, attendees will enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of the Deschutes Brewery beer garden, live music, and cultural food and festivities. Visit for more information.

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Deschutes Brewery Warehouse Party - ​GALACTICross - ​Extraterrestrial Theme Warehouse Bash

Deschutes Brewery loves to have a really good time.  This will be the party of the year. We promise. Deschutes Brewery will host another not-to-be-missed warehouse party on Saturday night when they host their warehouse celebration of all things Cyclocross with an "​Extraterrestrial" theme. See schedule below for all the gritty details​.

Festival Schedule of Events

Friday October 27 -

TBD: Course preview and registration at the Deschutes Brewery race venue.

Saturday October 28 - 

8AM to 4PM: Halloween Cross Crusade races in the Old Mill District and Deschutes Brewery. Register at

4:30 – 6PM: Crusade XC

8PM – 2AMDeschutes Brewery Warehouse Bash Must be 21 or older to enter. 
Theme: ​Galacti-Cross. Beer-inspired & ​extraterrestrial-themed appetizers.
Keepsake photos to take home and plenty of tasty beer and beer inspired cocktails!
$15 Entry Fee - It goes for a really, really good cause. Proceeds benefit Oregon Adaptive Sports.

Sunday October 29 - 

11am-1pm: Islabikes presents: Kiddie Kross Races in the Old Mill District and Deschutes Brewery.
Kids can decorate their bikes and parade over in time to participate or spectate at the Kiddie Cross Races. Kiddie Kross is a non-competitive event for those 12 and under. Kiddies will be divided into 2 categories based on height and bike type: A's and B's. All 3 wheel bikes or bikes with training wheels are automatically in B's. Kids on two wheels, over established height are A's. B's will do small inner loop specifically designed for them. A's will do ONE lap on the cross course.

8AM to 4PM: Halloween Cross Crusade races in the Old Mill District and Deschutes Brewery. Today is the official costume day. Make them great! Register at

Local Sponsors

The Old Mill District old-mill-district.jpg 
Deschutes Brewery deschutes-brewery-framed-small.gif

OBRA has re-mapped ​their cyclocross categories to align with the USAC cyclocross categories. The following is the breakdown of the new categories. 

If you were a Beginner you are a 5
If you were a Cat C you are a 4
If you were a Cat B you are a 3
If you were a Cat A and do not have a USAC 1, you are a 2
If you were a Cat A and a USAC 1, you are a 1.

There is no self-upgrade to Cat 2 or Cat 1. This must be earned. 

A Cat 3 rider may ride in either the 3/4 or the 2/3, or even in both if you are so inclined. 
Juniors with a racing of age 9-18 who are Cat 3, 4, or 5 will ride in the regular Junior field
Juniors with a racing age of 13-18 who are Cat 1, 2, or 3 will ride in the Elite Junior field
Juniors under the racing age of 12 may not ride in an adult field
A mixed field, like 3/4 or 2/3 will be scored as 1 field. The separate categories will not be broken out. 

Anyone who wants to be a Cat 1 racer must be a Cat 1 in USAC or request an upgrade through us. Because memberships were issued after we had made the initial change, but before we made the secondary change, your membership may not reflect your correct category. If your category is incorrect- please send a note to 

If you need to request an upgrade to Cat 1- send a note to


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