Restaurants and dining in Bend, Oregon
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Food Carts in Bend, Oregon

Though Bend is known for its amazing restaurants, sometimes you don’t want to slow your stroll to sit down with a knife and fork. Sometimes you want something ​. . . well, mobile.

Lucky for you, the mobile food cart movement is alive and well in Bend. In fact, Bend’s cart food offerings rival those in much bigger cities, giving Portland food carts a run for their money.

And speaking of money, that’s the beauty of mobile foodcarts. Whether you’re picking up a scrumptious $3 dumpling at Dump City Dumplings or a creative sandwich made with local ingredients from Real Food Street Bistro, you’re sure to get a deal on some fabulous grub.

So take a stroll around town and sample yourself silly at Bend’s tasty food carts. Bon appétit!


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