A dog walks along a trail in Bend, Oregon.

How to Dog in Bend

Play Hard and Play Nice

How to Dog in Bend

It’s no secret, Bendites are obsessed with dogs. From playing, hiking, and spoiling our own poochies to welcoming all the chonky, floofy, drooly, and derpy puppers vacationing in Bend.

With over 40 restaurants welcoming you and Fido for some alfresco dining, comfy dog-friendly lodging options, a plethora of dog-friendly businesses and pet stores, more than 50 miles of urban trails, and heaps of dog-friendly parks and National Forest land, Bend, Oregon is literally a paradise for our BFF’s – best fur friends.

So sit, stay, listen and let’s talk about the best places, practices, and tips on how to be the goodest dog and dog owner in Bend.

Who’s a good dog? And dog owner.

With all these glorious outdoor spaces and fun opportunities for dogs to dog around in Bend, it’s essential to play nice and have good manners. Following the rules, practicing good etiquette, being consider of others, and respecting our public lands make for a positive, safe, and tail-waggin’ good time for all.

Here are a few tips, reminders, and to-do’s while doggin’ around in Bend.

  • It’s hard to believe, but not everyone likes dogs. And not all dogs like other dogs. You know she’s a good girl, but that doesn’t mean others do. Dogs can make some people nervous, so keep them close and on a leash.
  • Following leash laws in the National Forest, around town, and at the dog park is essential for the safety and happiness of all. Always carry a leash and use it when required.
  • Prevent barking. If your pup loves to bark the songs of his ancestors, redirect him, use voice commands, or maybe it’s just time to head home.
  • Know your dog’s behavior and limits. We all get cranky sometimes. If you know your doggo has moments of grouchiness or aggression towards other dogs or people, keep them leashed and stay clear of off-leash areas to avoid injuries and unwanted encounters.
  • Scoop their poop. Whether you are hiking in the Badlands, playing at Good Dog, or walking to the brewery, bag it up. But wait, you’re not done. Please take the bag with you and drop it in the trash — never leave it sitting on the side of the trail.
  • Be sure you and your dogs stay clear of wildlife and follow Bend’s Leave No Trace principles.

Best off-leash areas in Bend

What makes our canine friends jump up and down for joy? The abundance of parks, trails, and outdoor spaces, especially off-leash dog areas, in Bend.

Bend Parks & Rec offers nine incredible off-leash parks with acres of drool-worthy playgrounds. Pine Nursery Park, Riverbend Park, and Hollinshead Park are local faves. Explore nature trails, grassy fields, and swimming holes perfect for running, splashing, and fetching.

Sometimes all this tail-wagging adventure means minor boos-boos or worse. If your fur baby requires medical attention, we have many caring veterinarians in town as well as 24-hour emergency care services.

Trail dogs

Itching to get out of town? There are many trails and open spaces for dog walks in the BLM and Oregon Badlands Wilderness, as well as Deschutes National Forest. Rimrock Trailhead (AKA Good Dog) is close to down and a doggy paradise, with trails through the forest and down to the river.

The Deschutes River Trail offers miles of hiking, swimming holes, and gorgeous views. From September 15th through May 15th, dogs can be off-leash while leashes are required the rest of the year.

Deschutes National Forest does have several seasonal leash restrictions. For a comprehensive guide, our friends at DogPac.org have put together a brochure regarding these and other restrictions.

Dog playing at Rimrock area in Bend, OR

Winter dog play

For winter fun, Wanoga Sno-Park, and Edison Sno-Park have acres of dog-friendly snow-covered terrain. While they’re rolling in the white stuff, chasing snowballs, and bounding around with joy, you can snowshoe, nordic ski, or simply stroll along with a hot beverage in hand.

Just because there is snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can leave the poop behind, however. Please remember to pick up the number two and dispose of the bag in the trash.

winter play with dogs in Bend, OR

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