Plunge 250 Feet Over the Crooked River Gorge Near Bend

Bungee Jumping

If the thought of dangling over a river canyon gorge from a springy rope gets your heart thumping and pumping, then you​’ll be really excited to try the 250-foot bungee jump from the top of the Peter Skene Ogden State Park bridge right here in Central Oregon.

Central Oregon Bungee Adventures takes thrill-seekers looking for leaps from the highest bungee jump in all of Oregon, and one of the highest in North America. James Scott, the owner of Central Oregon Bungee Adventures, is a passionate and experienced BASE jumper, skydiver, and bungee jumper, and he’s really good at calming your nerves before the big jump.

Time to check this adrenaline-filled Bend attraction off your bucket list. For more ways to get your adrenaline fix in Bend, Oregon while you’re on vacation, check out our blog post.