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Never Have I Ever...

Let’s Fish for a Good Time & Great Beer

Cast a Line, Catch Sweet Rewards

Tie One On

Will it open a can of worms to say you look tired? This year’s been rough on all of us, and the fix is fresh adventure. Find it with a fly rod in hand, even if you can’t tell a trout from a turkey. Get your feet wet with a local guide, then celebrate with crisp craft beer. Thirsty for more adventure? Bend’s hiking trails beckon, and so do the donuts…

Fly fishing on the Metolius River near Bend, Oregon

Be Nice, You're in Bend

We’ve learned some lessons from COVID-19. Be kind and thoughtful of others. Help tend the wild places that soothe our souls. Support small businesses and be patient and generous with those struggling. Above all, plan ahead, and plan for your plans to change. Need a wilderness permit for your Bend adventure? How about plan A, B, C, and Z in case a trailhead is full? Extra hand sanitizer and spare face mask? Bring it all, along with your very best self, when you’re in Bend.

Take the Bend Pledge
Another great view outside of Bend, Oregon.

Never Have I Ever...

Play in Bend

You’ve played the game, possibly with a Bend craft brew in hand. Never Have I Ever prompts you to share deeds you haven’t done, and we’ll bet you have some Bend adventures on that list. A fly fishing lesson or guided trip? A waterfall excursion? Lunch at that new place downtown? No matter how many Bend adventures you’ve bagged, there’s surely something you’ve missed. It’s time to savor Bend in a new way. We’ll hold your beer.