Guided Downhill Mountain Bike & Waterfall Tour

The Paulina Plunge

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Gravity will be your friend as you descend deep into the Oregon back country being guided on the Paulina Plunge on your knobby tired mountain bike. Discover the grandeur of the Paulina Mountains and the secrets of Chief Paulina’s water slide with a personable guide from The Paulina Plunge crew. Along the way, you will descend over 2,000 vertical feet by bike. That translates into four 1.5-mile downhill biking segments to each waterfall stop. Your group will visit up to six pristine waterfalls ranging in height from 10 to 40 feet, including two safe natural water slides to explore and play on. Two short energetic nature hikes, at a distance of half mile each, will be required to reach the bubbling falls and slides below. This safe, fun family excursion is suitable for all active ages 4 to 70 years young with confident beginner to intermediate biking skills. Trail-A-Bike Tandems for non-riding kids four to eight years are available.

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There is so much to see and do in Bend Oregon a tour guide can be an important ally. Our tours and tour guides are as unique as our town. The Bend Tour company offers an option for any kind of adventure you can dream up and many different ways to get there! Our favorite is the Round About Art Tour with local legend John Flannery. Or you can climb aboard that crazy contraption you saw filled with smiling people peddling furiously around downtown Bend. There are several different ways to experience the cycle pub and all of them are a blast. The Paulina Plunge bike trips combine many of our favorite outdoor activities; bike riding, stunning scenery, waterfalls and swimming. This is a great trip for families of all ages. Wanderlust has been helping people enjoy Central Oregon’s wild places since 1993, and if you are looking for experts…

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